Recent Topics for IELTS May - August 2013

Most people do not know this but the IELTS questions change 3 times a year - January, May and September. These are the new topics for May - August 2013 for Asian Countries (If you aren't taking the test in China the questions might be slightly different). This site is still under construction. If you have any suggestions or need help writing an answer for a topic please contact me at [email protected] or follow me on my Weibo.

Part 1 Topics For May - August 2013

Accommodation <<CLICK HERE>> 

Advertisements  <<CLICK HERE>>

Boat  <<CLICK HERE>>

Buildings  <<CLICK HERE>>

Clothes & Fashion  <<CLICK HERE>>

Concentration  <<CLICK HERE>> 

Cooking  <<CLICK HERE>>

Countryside  <<CLICK HERE>> 

Drawing & Painting  <<CLICK HERE>>

Emails & Letters  <<CLICK HERE>>

Friend & Family  <<CLICK HERE>>

Gifts  <<CLICK HERE>>

Hometown  <<CLICK HERE>> 

Housework  <<CLICK HERE>>

Leisure (Relaxing)  <<CLICK HERE>>

Mobile Phones  <<CLICK HERE>>

Music <<CLICK HERE>> 

Names  <<CLICK HERE>>

Parks & Gardens  <<CLICK HERE>>

Patience  <<CLICK HERE>>

Schools  <<CLICK HERE>>

Sleeping  <<CLICK HERE>> 

Sport  <<CLICK HERE>>

Studies <<CLICK HERE>>

Television  <<CLICK HERE>>

Trees (Forests)  <<CLICK HERE>> 

Part 2 Topics For May - August 2013

Advertisement  <<CLICK HERE>>

Another Language You Would Learn  <<CLICK HERE>>

Book or Film About the Future  <<CLICK HERE>>

Book You Enjoy  <<CLICK HERE>>

Cafe  <<CLICK HERE>>
Childhood Game  <<CLICK HERE>>

Childhood Story  <<CLICK HERE>>

Childhood Toy  <<CLICK HERE>>

Clothing  <<CLICK HERE>>

Crowded Place  <<CLICK HERE>>

Future Job  <<CLICK HERE>>

Gift  <<CLICK HERE>>
Good Parent  <<CLICK HERE>>

Good Teacher  <<CLICK HERE>>

Happy Event  <<CLICK HERE>>

Historical Event  <<CLICK HERE>>

History Book  <<CLICK HERE>>

Important Message  <<CLICK HERE>>

Important Occasion You Were Late  <<CLICK HERE>>

Important Plant  <<CLICK HERE>>

Interesting Country  <<CLICK HERE>>

Intersting Person  <<CLICK HERE>>

Interesting Talk or Speech  <<CLICK HERE>>

Intimate Friend At The First Meeting  <<CLICK HERE>>

Library  <<CLICK HERE>>

Machine or Electronic Device  <<CLICK HERE>>

Mathematics Class  <<CLICK HERE>>
Music Group/Band/Singer  <<CLICK HERE>>

Occasion Someone Visited Your Home  <<CLICK HERE>>

Old Person  <<CLICK HERE>>

Outdoor Activity  <<CLICK HERE>>

Party  <<CLICK HERE>>

Perfect Holiday  <<CLICK HERE>>

Person Who Has An Important Job  <<CLICK HERE>>

Photo  <<CLICK HERE>>

Picnic or Meal Outdoors  <<CLICK HERE>>

Place in Work or Study  <<CLICK HERE>>

Place You Listen To Music  <<CLICK HERE>>

Polite Person  <<CLICK HERE>>

Positive Change  <<CLICK HERE>>

Radio Program  <<CLICK HERE>>
Room  <<CLICK HERE>>

Science Lesson  <<CLICK HERE>>
Science Subject  <<CLICK HERE>>

School Rule <<CLICK HERE>>

Seaside Place  <<CLICK HERE>>

Shopping Street  <<CLICK HERE>>

Show or Performance  <<CLICK HERE>>

Something Healthy You Did  <<CLICK HERE>>

Special Meal  <<CLICK HERE>>
Sporting Event  <<CLICK HERE>>

Television Program  <<CLICK HERE>>

Time You Helped Someone  <<CLICK HERE>>

Trip By Public Transport  <<CLICK HERE>>

Useful Skill  <<CLICK HERE>>

Website  <<CLICK HERE>>

Wrong Decision  <<CLICK HERE>>

Other Part 2 Topics

Leader You Admire  <<CLICK HERE>>

Leader You Admire(2)  <<CLICK HERE>>

Robot  <<CLICK HERE>>

Work Of Art  <<CLICK HERE>>

Band Descriptors

Fluency and Coherence  <<CLICK HERE>>

Lexical Resource  <<CLICK HERE>>

Grammatical Range and Accuracy  <<CLICK HERE>>

Pronunciation  <<CLICK HERE>>

Useful Things

25 Useful IELTS Speaking Tips  <<CLICK HERE>>
25 More Tips  <<CLICK HERE>>
25 Difficult IELTS Speaking Questions - Part 1  <<CLICK HERE>>

25 Difficult IELTS Speaking Questions - Part 3  <<CLICK HERE>>


Accommodation  <<CLICK HERE>>
Animals  <<CLICK HERE>>
Clothing  <<CLICK HERE>>
Cooking  <<CLICK HERE>>
Films  <<CLICK HERE>>
Flowers  <<CLICK HERE>>
Hometown  <<CLICK HERE>>
Music  <<CLICK HERE>>
Reading  <<CLICK HERE>>
School  <<CLICK HERE>>
Sport  <<CLICK HERE>>
Television  <<CLICK HERE>>
Transport  <<CLICK HERE>>
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